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Marrying young is not the end of my freedom. It means I want to travel and see the world, but with her by my side. It means I still like drinking in bars and dancing in clubs, but stumbling home with her at 2am and eating pizza in our underwear. It means I know that I want to kiss those lips every morning, and every night before bed. If you see marriage as the end of your ‘freedom’, you’re doing it wrong.


applause for you omg

episode 5 ending card! (ノ´∀`*)ノ

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Just thank you so much for loving someone thats broken and staying by their side when they feel like pushing everyone away. Thank you for loving someone who didnt know what it felt like for someone to not give up on them no matter how stubborn and difficult. Thank you for loving someone with not the best luck in the world. It just makes you the best lucky charm in their whole life. Just. Thank you so much for making them feel like their worth more than they thought they could ever be worth. Thanks for breaking the fake wall they hide behind in front of others.
But most of all. Thank you for being you and understanding them.


so i was asked this today and


so i was asked this today and




cuddling is probably one of the most passionate forms of love there is because you just feel so safe and close to the person and it feels like all your worries go away and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world


Sail away with me? 

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